Artilicious 2016

Artilicious is back for a third year!

Artilicious is hosted by Caesars Windsor again in this third year of the event.  I am once again excited to be a part of this event.  You can buy your early bird tickets here,  on the Kidney Foundation website.

Last year I was honoured to be featured on the cover of the January 2016 BizX Magazine. BizXJan2016

A list of participating restaurants, clubs, caterers and even retirement residences!  (links provided)

1. Caesars Windsor, Artist Cafe – Prime Rib Sliders
2. Grape Leaves – Hummus and Falafel
3. Etta’s Greeklish Eatery – Mousaka, Greek Salad and Lemon Rice Soup
4. Louis’ Restaurant – Greek Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
5. The Walkerville Tavern – Butter Chicken and Samosas
6. Harvest Table Restaurant – Caesar Salad
7. Tropical Hut Philippine Cuisine – Pansit and Chicken Adobo
8. The Mushroom Hub – dish TBD
9. Riverside Sportsmen Club – Pasta with Meat Sauce and Pasta with Tomato Sauce
10. River’s Edge – Seafood Chowder
11. Dock 21 – Seafood Chowder and Mini Ciabatta Buns
12. Hungarian Cultural Centre – Mini Cabbage Rolls and Hungarian Sausage
13. Gennaro Cafe – Gelato
14. El Mayor – Fattoush Salad
15. Amica at Windsor (Retirement residence) – Firecracker Shrimp
16. Chartwell Royal Marquis – Meat Lasagna
17. Antonino’s Original Pizza – Sicilian Cannoli


New work

Playing catch up on the website.

Family Reunion Joy and Tears

Let’s go fishin! 8×10 oil on Ampersand gessobord NFS Painted on location at Lazyacres Cottages, Dessert Lake, Ontairo


Sweltering and dry describes most of this summer’s weather, but it’s been one of the most memorable summers for me.  My father passed away in 2005, and I’ve cared for his ashes all these years, quietly waiting for the family to be ready to make the trip to Gould Lake.  It took 10 years for them to be ready, and another year for the plans to be set in place.  We finally did it two weeks ago.  Not everyone could be there, but for those who were it was a wonderful time.  I know that it was painful for those who could not be there.

Gould lake is located north of Kingston, Ontario.  I can not begin to tell you what this small lake means to our family.  I will be forever grateful that the area is now a protected conservation site.   Some of the family wish it was still private.  I, on the other hand, am grateful that developers can’t block access to the lake.

Dad was an advisor for an Explore Post in East Detroit.  Explorer’s are the older scouts in the Boy Scouts of America.  Dad had a very long history with the BSA in Michigan.  We planted a tree and scattered Dad’s ashes in the place he loved and shared with our family and many troubled Detroit teens.   Because of his involvement with the BSA our family got to see and do a lot of things.  He was loved by many, and is missed greatly by his family and friends.

The Family gathering at the memorial site.
The Family gathering at the memorial site.  (photo credit Darlene Clarke)


Summer Events

I’ve been travelling, painting, and organizing events.  I will be off again this week with no internet access.  I really should invest in one of those smart phones, but I can’t wrap my financial head around the data costs.  Data in Canada is very expensive.  I’m not so sure that the cost will justify the benifit.  I’m at constant war with my budget!

I’ve recently moved my website from the dot com wordpress to hosted using the dot org wordpress.  Boy did that make for some surprises.  First off my galleries all broke!  Not happy about that at all.  Also I apologise but the server I’m on now is very slow, not what you want when your website is very heavy on image content.  So, I’m struggling with uploading images so they present well.

Anyway…. UPDATE!!  Here are paintings from recent expeditions.

Recent Paintings

Just a quick update.  To view availability and prices click on the image.  Direct inquiries to

Moving to a new webhosting service

So, I’ve not been blogging much lately because I’ve just been distracted by life.  I know this may mean very little to most of you, but I’m moving my site off of the free WordPress host to a paid host.  I will be able to do things there that I can’t do on the free hosting site.  However, I’ve run in to a few snags, and the process is taking longer than anticipated.  Basically, my gallery of photos has broken and won’t transfer properly.  What a pain.  Once that is completed then I can switch.  This should not effect my followers it’s a behind the scene sorta thing.  Forgive me for falling off the face of the earth.  You can always follow me on Facebook.

Wishing You all a Happy Holiday!

MacDonald Merry Christmas2015- gif made by Elizabeth from her original painting The Clark Cabin

Here’s wishing all my family and friends a very Happy Holiday and Blessed New Year.






I’ve managed to get out every week to paint, except for this week.  I scheduled a paint out at Willistead for Monday, but the fog had other ideas.  Many of our group members are from the county.  The last thing I want is for someone to drive in that mess.  It looks like December’s weather is going to continue to make things difficult for painting outdoors.  We can paint in most weather, however, rain is a pain!

Heritage Villiage

I’m happy to say we did get out and paint in the first snow of the year.  We went to the Transportation Museum and Heritage Village.  They were decorating the museum and village for Christmas. We had planned on a group breakfast in their 50’s inspired diner.  Little did we realize that they had changed the diners hours for the winter.  How disappointing! However, the kitchen staff was there cooking up lunch for the volunteers, so they kindly opened up just for us.  We were blessed!

I painted a wee log cabin that day.  It was originally owned by the Clark family.  They were some of the original settlers in Essex County.  The family still lives in the area, as do many who were granted land by the Crown.  I went to school with the descendants of the family who lived in this tiny home.  I had no idea that was the name of the cabin until someone mentioned it on Facebook. Funny thing, my maiden name is Clarke. Call me silly, but it made my day.

snow, oh no!

It was a chilly day, and while I was painting it started to snow.  Regular oil paints would not be budged in this weather, but I paint with water soluble oils, and they don’t like to get wet!  Like the Richard Harris song, you don’t want to leave the cake out in the rain.  I had to quickly turn the painting upside down.  I ran off to get my van and umbrella to try to shelter my work from the snow.  I did manage to continue painting in spite of the snow.  I wanted to complete it on site.  Almost all of my work is done entirely on location.  I live in a very tiny house, and as a result I have no indoor studio space.  The great outdoors in my studio.


I made the painting into a holiday gif, that you can see above.  That was NOT easy!  I had to learn how to do it.  I looked up the tutorials online and worked on it for days, in a free program called The Gimp.  The Gimp is much like Photoshop.  I struggled with the tutorials, and it just was just not working.  Eventually, just did it my own way.  Guess what, it worked!  You can see the original painting without the snow below, and soon on my available paintings page.

Limited Palette

On The Clark Cabin painting, as well as many of my paintings, I used a limited Palette.  On the Clark Cabin palette included:  Yellow Ocher, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow Light, Quinacridone purple, a dab of Cadmium red on the bow, and Titanium White.  I’m sure those strange colour names can be a bit confusing; artist quality colours are generally named for their ingredients.

New Habits

A limited palette is a challenge many artists impose on themselves.  The goal is to see how well you can mix colour.  For Plein Air Artists, the less paint you have to carry in your gear, the better.  A back pack can get heavy very quickly.  If you are flying with your gear you really have to watch your luggage weight.

I’ve taken up this challenge many times.  I’ve not always recorded what paint I used.  I’m embarking on a new habit of photographing my palette before and after the finished painting.  A three colour plus white is the ultimate limited palette.  This palette usually includes some form of the three primary colours of Red, Yellow and Blue, but there are many shades, and hues of these three colours and knowing how to work with them is the challenge.

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In the slideshow above you can see the limited palette I used on the painting, Malden Hiltop, along with an on location sight size photo.  Sight size is another very common method of painting which I will cover in a future article.

Recent work

Other painting locations last month include: Studio, still life Pear Study, Lakeside Park in Kingsville, and McAuliffe Park, in Tecumseh.  (Click on any image to see details.)

Fall, My Favourite Time of Year

I’d like share with you what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.  As always, I’ve been busy organizing paint outs with my group, framing paintings to exhibit at Artilicious, painting, entering paintings in contests with the Oil Painters of America, delivered a painting to its new home in Amherstburg, cleaned up a flooded basement, (yah that happened) and went to three fundraisers in one week. Yep, I never stop.

I sent a photo to Arms Bumanlag the weather reporter at CTV Windsor that he used on his Facebook site on October 27th.

Arms Bumanlag used my image for the weather Oct 17th

I Painted a few paintings

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Delivered a painting that I painted at the Doors Open event in Amherstburg.

Had a great time at Artilicious, the Kidney Foundation fundraiser at Caesars Windsor

Thank you to Eric Bonnici from “eyes on windsor” for posting this great photo of me at Artilicious on his Facebook community page here:
Thank you to Rodney Denis photographer of BIZ X magazine for publishing my photo on their Facebook page here:

I entered these two paintings in the Oil Painters of America Online Showcase.

Donated a painting to a fund raiser to help a family with three children who are going blind.

Title: Well travelled Path. Location: Ojibway 8 x 10 framed Donated to Rankin Family Fundraiser.
Title: Well travelled Path. Location: Ojibway 8 x 10 framed Donated to Rankin Family Fundraiser.

People say I’m busy.  I guess they are right!  Thank you for following my painting journey.

Two Weeks Away with Family

It’s always a great time when I get to spend some R & R with my family.  One of my very best friends just happens to be my brother’s wife Darlene.  We have many interests in common.  My vintage Airstream trailer is on my brother’s property in Michigan.  We spent almost two weeks there this month which included a couple of trips to see fall colours.  Surprisingly both the trip up to NW Michigan and the River Cruse in Bay City didn’t yield much of a colour show.  However, we did get a bit of colour in central Michigan.  No paintings this time but some nice photos.


Road Trip up to North Western Michigan for Fall Colours

Sailing Trip up the Saginaw River out of Bay City

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